DCR030 TrinoVante - Pathetic Fallacy Snippet

VARIOUS ARTISTS - BEST OF DIRTY CAT RECORDS VOL. 2 (DCR030) Genres: All kind of electronic genres Releasedate: 27.02.2015 TRACKLISTING: 01 Twilight Kamikaze - Heartbeat 02 Antimaterium - Aware 03 Dirty Cat - Heart 04 Beat Frei - Schleudertrauma 05 Cuscino - Set fire 06 Dani Corbalan - Tear it down 07 Aurel den Bossa - Otter song 08 Hansgod - Pulp 09 Hobo Baggins - Finisterre 10 TrinoVante - Pathetic Fallacy ABOUT THE RELEASE: Another great compilation, of hight talented artists, another mixture of high quality electronic music that moves, the second best of Dirty Cat Records: Twilight Kamikaze, Antimaterium, Dirty Cat, Beat Frei, CUSCINO, Dani Corbalan, Aurel den Bossa, Hansgod, Hobo Baggins and in the end a goodie, a deep techno track, the first release by our new artist TrinoVante. A multi-faceted, open minded piece of electronic music, cheeky, sharp, good. ABOUT DIRTY CAT RECORDS: Dirty Cat Records stands for high quality electronic music that moves. It is a plattform for highly ambitious artists, a global network of creative relationships. Nowadays, a lot of artists are put under pressure to adapt and produce music for the masses. Dirty Cat Records aims to support artists with a strong personality, who want to choose their own path, not letting themselves be influenced only by mainstream. Artistic freedom is essential for creative music production. FEEDBACKS: Sergio Gomes | BREAKS lda. - Some nice beats. ----------------------------- go!diva - Nogroup is the one for me, thanks ----------------------------- Suffused (Suffused Music) - Good package.thanks ----------------------------- Adnan Jakubovic - Heart and Tear it down for me, thanks ! ----------------------------- Daniel Mehlhart - Big VA! ----------------------------- Chris (Taiwan Lounge Radio) - Very good music which will be found soon on my radio TAIWAN-RADIO LOUNGE ----------------------------- HipGnosis - Good production on them all! ----------------------------- Liz Cirelli - Heart :) ----------------------------- Juanfra Munoz - Good tracks! WIll try! ----------------------------- adam stacks - Otter song & finisterre are bombs ! ----------------------------- Tjerk Coers - Cool oNes ----------------------------- Damaged Man - WoW! Heartbeat!!! Great Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE ----------------------------- CSMNT61 - Cool selection thanks! ----------------------------- Constantin (Radio Freundenstadt) - Nice sound! I like the nice Mix of the Beat ----------------------------- SimonDSA (Deepsouthaudio) - Top collection thanks Dirty cat .. will dig in to these over xmas & New year .. oh buy the way have good times .. see you in 2015 ----------------------------- frisco (hitclubbin) - support in my radio show! ----------------------------- Mark J (Supagroove) - pathetic fallacy is wicked! heart is also in there for me! ----------------------------- Mild Bang - nice tracks in here!! ----------------------------- Haurelio (Aurelio Cianciotta) - it's stylish... ----------------------------- Marc Schuett - Otter Song for me! ----------------------------- LINKS: http://www.dirtycatrecords.com http://www.facebook.com/dirtycatrecords http://www.twitter.com/dirtycatrecords http://www.soundcloud.com/dirtycatrecords http://www.myspace.com/dirtycatrecords http://www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=7072 http://www.lastfm.de/label/Dirty+Cat+Records https://plus.google.com/115688051820797538066

Electronic, "Best of DCR Vol 2" by dirtycatrecords