Dr Mathlovsky - Inksucker (Preview)

Artist: Dr Mathlovsky Title: Do Androids Dream Of Analog Basslines Label: MURDER CHANNEL Catalogue number: MCFREEEP002 Release Date: April 1 Format: Digital Tracklist: 01 Inksucker 02 Hardware Warehouse 03 Drive, She Said 04 Checkov's Gun 05 Yellow [Square] 06 Pseudo Model 07 The Tunnel 08 Cymbal Ride 09 Beta Tape 10 Hypnosis 11 Styrofoam Teeth 12 Gretchen Ross To destroy is to create, to create is to destroy. The mantra on wich Dr Mathlovsky's music is based. Defying all subgenres in heavy electronic music, it goes through the distorted powers of Hardcore Techno to the undeniable groove of hard Drum n Bass while maintaining the stubborn attitude of the experimental Breakcore sounds with a dense wall of Ambient textures beneath it all. Seeking deep within for self-reflection and inspiration, the abyss stares back with no remorse

Breakcore, Crossbreed, "Drum & Bass" by MURDER CHANNEL