Hymn for London

My first experiment with the Radio Music module after building it tonight. Mostly, it's playing a sample of some organ and choral music (from Bank 4 of the suggested audio pack), though it changes station at the end. It's all heavily processed, so don't take it at all as a demo of the Radio Music's sound quality! An LFO clocks an A149-1, whose n+1 out modulates Radio Music's Start CV, while the LFO triggers the Reset, causing the sample to jump around. The A149-1's 2^n output also modulates the LFO, varying the frequency of the random jumps. The Radio Music output goes through an A189-1 (in delay mode, causing flangey whooshes)and uVCF (taking the BP out with highish resonance) into Erbe Verb. Various LFOs and A149-1 outputs further modulate the A189-1 BC CV, uVCF cutoff, and Erbe Verb's Depth and Decay parameters. After leaving everything to run for a while, from about 1:30 I start slowly adjusting the Start knob to move through the sample, which goes from organ to choral. At the end, I change station, push the clock up into audio rate, and play with the A189-1's Sample Rate. The results are sometimes spooky and ambient, sometime elegiac, sometimes almost jazzy, and occasionally harsh. The combination of effects surprised me, and made me think of my parents' experiences in London during the Blitz.

experimental, Eurorack, DIY, "dark ambient", "musique concrete", "modular synthesiser", "Music Thing Modular", "Radio Music" by and per se and