Show#37 with Syuss, Guest mix Momentum as heard on Diverse Fm

Syuss is back again with a brand new show and lots and lots of more upfront well produced electronic music.This week is a slighter deeper week however as he flirts with drum n bass in the guest mix with Momentum , as well as more jungle flashbacks as only our Syuss does.This weeks show is solely for the music connoisseur.. This weeks guest mix we introduce you to the Momentum!!! A brief description here and enjoy the show... Long time Justice collaborator/engineer and friend, has featured on MJAZZ productions from the early days with tracks appearing on Justice presents Modern Urban Jazz Vol 1 on the legendary Creative Wax, the constructed works 12” with Justice and ICR as well as featuring on the original Justice/Metro 839 LP on Touch Feel and subsequently remixing Hybrid Morph for 839 Remixes. He has also recorded alongside Justice for Offshore on the track Autoglide and also releasing a proto-amen work out called Tribal Instinct with Stereotype radio's Syuss on Flavour tracks back in 1995. Momentum is a man who lets his music do the talking and keeps a very low profile and boy does he shout loud on this mix... We are Stereotytpe!!!!

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