Burstcast 005 - Lewis Fautzi

Lewis spends most of the time in the studio and he is so prolific that his productivity could only benefit from actually sleeping there. He's full of ideas and is driven by a huge will to create, innovate and make his mark on the electronic music scene. He started deejaying and producing at an early age and has so far released work on labels such as his own Faut Section, Soma Records, Figure, Pole Group, Soniculture or Labrynth. The dance scene in Portugal, especially in the north, was his motivation and helped him to kick-start his career, allowing him to have a fuller and more meaningful understanding of techno and electronic music. As a result of his constant evolution and search for his unique sounds, he recently created his very own live show. A hypnotic show where techno goes deep, dark and industrial, transporting you into an amazing electronic experience.

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