So I made a track for Whispering Winter, an album thingy by a whole bunch of people where you can find the link to below X3 But before that, I'd like to make a fancy announcement. WE HAVE MADE IT ONE YEAR WOOT YEAH Rip Storm has been a thing for a full year now and I am unsure what exactly to do to celebrate the occasion, and I am therefore just gonna try and do whatever it is you suggest to me. Write a comment, message me, or email me at with things for me to do, and I will record me doing all of them and post the video to YouTube (after some fun editing, of course). Not sure when I'll stop taking 'orders', since they're not really suggestions, I'll do whatever you ask of me tbh, but I'll announce it when I am done with this little escapade. So, thank you all for a great year and here's to the next one XP Until next time, farewell X3 Link to Whispering Winter album: ***N/A AT MOMENT***

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