Growing Impulse

This atmospheric and cinematic track starts off with a mixture of captivating sound textures: suspenseful and somewhat dreamy and ethereal sound design and scary and eerie electronic pads and synth drones. This almost sinister intro is then quickly followed by pulsating and constantly growing drum beats and percussion and edgy and aggressive synth electric guitar overdriven chords. The latter introduces a mellow and foreboding breakdown which then quickly recapitulates into a higher energy and uplifting final section. This dark and unique orchestration creates a tense and ominous vibe and makes this track suitable for all kinds of dramatic film, tv footage and spots, commercials, web adverts, suspenseful and mysterious visuals and cinematic contents.

Pulsating, Growing, Unique, Ominous, Foreboding, Haunting, Ethereal, Dreamy, Disturbing, Scary, Mystical, Eerie, Underscore, Contemporary, Ambient, Determined, Soft, Sentimental, Simple, Organic, Minimalist, Dark, Atmospheric, Suspenseful, Tense, Dramatic, Mysterious, Trailer, BeatheBeat by BeatheBeat