Kult Of Red Pyramid- Burn

https://xperimentxiii.bandcamp.com/album/broken-mirror Well respected and revered Kult Of Red Pyramid or KORP for short, have been together since 1998 and created music across genres. Broken Mirror is their proper return to the electronic scene after almost two years since the album "VOID ZERO". As the band states "This album is our magnum opus, the best production we ever recorded, mixed and mastered - EVER." The tracks are truly beautifully rendered and capture the band at their very best. You can't help but be pulled into their embrace.The balance between soaring power and gentle calm will have you no matter the mood. Be ready for KORP to secure their place in your life music for they are sure to play a large part from now on, if they aren't already

Darkwave, Electro, "Electronic Pop", "Electronic Rock", "Xperiment XIII" by Xperiment XIII