[mbsspn020] Thlaaflaa - Plunge (From "It Was To Be Alright")

Free Download: https://mobiusspin.bandcamp.com/album/mbsspn020-it-was-to-be-alright Alexey S. started his project Thlaaflaa in the beginning of 2013. In the past he went in for sound-design, but none of those experiments came out. He started composing music in earnest only when he felt he was mature enough to do so. Using different contemporary ways in sound synthesizing, in his experiments he also takes into consideration classic aspects of music theory and musical acoustics. Composing of this album took more than 1,5 years. It includes tracks which probably might seem too different, but they're unified by general concept which is described below, and their arrangement and stylistics are determined by a wish to create a particular impression - from a leisurely and disturbed plunge in the beginning, via vigorous but pretty grim middle, to a hopeless ending. The album was conceived as a dedication to events that happened a long time ago in one disappeared country. But a listener can choose himself what the music relates to - the past or the future, something terrestrial or space. That's why we leave this aspect at listener's discretion. Find more information and music here: thlaaflaa.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/thlaaflaa mobiusspin.com

glitch, electronica, Experimental by Mobius Spin