ProcrastiTracker: discover what steals your time online!

ProcrastiTracker: discover what steals your time online! "Productivity vs. Entertainment" battle that has gained new dimensions since the advent of computers and the Internet. these electronic gadgets have become today an obstacle to many of the other tasks are more important in their lives. When you turn on your computer or your phone for browsing social networks as well as the millions of video clips, pictures and online games, like you have entered into an endless labyrinth, so if you're always procrastination to your projects and daily tasks because your computer, I suggest you try ProcrastiTracker, which can help you learn the things you stole Your time during your use of the computer.

Much or most of the companies in the world to prevent the operation of some Web sites and recreational applications, and access to social networks in the workplace, employees can lose a lot of time with her for working time. For those who work at home knhan community bloggers and everyone works freely, it was becoming increasingly difficult, since the process involves the determination and discipline.

There are many examples that highlight the importance of time and maintain it, the time is life itself, optimal it will benefit you both. Thus there is program ProcrastiTracker which can help you identify and learn more things that steal your time without knowing that, it aims to create a map of the different lnshattna, showing how we consume our time, and where, and how.

The user can customize different labels for each category. The program also provides you the feature to export data in HTML (and reviewed in any browser), and integration of databases, and follow-up for each minute you spend in front of the computer. Over time, the user will be able to learn basic things that waste time, try and avoid them next time.

ProcrastiTracker works with all versions of Windows, you can download it here

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