Rock On Tight

Exciting and very energetic rock music track, which features a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments, great transitions and simple yet driving and upbeat rhythms, creating altogether a successful and very positive sound. "Rock On Tight" starts off with a full band solid groove, which is then followed by the main section of this track, where overdriven electric guitars, synthesizers, bass, drums, handclaps and percussion also play an important role and take us gradually to a very powerful and uplifting ending. The determined, organic, friendly and energetic vibe of this track makes it most suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, financial and business presentations, sports and high action related contents, successful and contemporary visuals, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv spots and web adverts.

Upbeat, Hard, Motivational, Powerful, Bright, Loud, Positive, Confident, Happy, Exciting, Playful, Optimistic, Friendly, Animated, Proud, Energetic, Rhythmic, Corporate, Business, Strong, Achievement, Driving, Groovy, Uplifting, Edgy, Aggressive, Successful, Advertisement, BeatheBeat by BeatheBeat