Sven Jaeger - Dunes (Original Mix)

Inspired by the early electronic acts like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and the big Raves in Germany around the early 90's, Sven Jaeger got addicted to house music. So his way to entertain the clubs as a Dj was predetermined. In 2000 he founds the booking agency Monochrome where he managed several German acts. According to that, Sven promotes several Events in NRW with Acts like SIS, Afrilounge, Michael Meyer, Robert Babicz, Matthias Meyer. Since 2000 Sven played in German and European clubs and Festivals like the Ukrainian Kazantip Festical in 2004 and 2007 as well. From 2009, Sven released several EP's on Circle Music, Reworck Rec.Cellaa Music and many more. He entered the Beatport Charts with his debut EP "Casablanca" @ #8 in 2009. "Casablanca" has also been licensed by Carl Cox for his "The Revolution Continues" Double Mix CD in 2010. This EP got praises from Luciano, SIS, Ilario Alicante, Len Faki. Actually Sven is Co-Label owner of Cellaa Music and Cellaa Zoo. Sven was remixed by artists deeply connected with Baile Musik such as Dan Noel and Crocodile Soup. For this occasion Sven brings us three original very wet minimal techno tracks above all inspired by oriental sounds. Therefore the name "Sahara" was very appropriate. We chose two perhaps most talented rising artists in 2015 for remixing this EP. Marwan Sabb showed his face in 2014 on big stage releasing for Time Has Changed and our Baile Musik Silver Edition beeing placed as minimal number 3 for two weeks on Beatport. He has shared dj decks with names such as Matthias Tanzmann, Barem, Reboot, Tania Vulcano, Shonky , Yaya and Yousef . He also had the privilege to play at REX club which is one of the underground music’s Holy places. His undisputed talent is rising up on the new Parisian electronic music scene above and beyond any expectation. He indeed has a very promising international career with a bright future in minimal house. His remix of "Floating Desert" is smooth and calm interpretation of original track full of refined atmosphere. Belgian rising star Jerome Cornelis or better known as Jerome.c took care of remixing "Dunes". His discography references are promising quality and listening pleasure. Jerome has already released for Infuse, Draft, Yoruba and many other record labels. Hi brought a lot of vividness and rhythm with his interpreation of "Dunes" which rounds up "Sahara EP" as very interesting and divers release which fits remarkably in Baile Musik´s relasing signature.

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