Toxic Universe

TOXIC UNIVERSE serves brainfood at its best. Cuneyt Gületinmaz aka Jay fell in love with psy trance music in the early 90’s. In 1995, he started as a dj, sending likeminded people to the antipodes of their psyches. He soon reached limits that wanted to be crossed. He started creating his own music , and soon joined forces with Alexander Dorkian ( known as: Galactika & aka N.O.K.) . The Esterian Project“ was born. 1999 he founded the act “Archaik Labor“, and a project was released on the Novatekk rec. and Mental Arts Rec. Label. Cuneyt (progressiv as always) opened up his horizon. In 2007, together with Kui, he founded TOXIC UNIVERSE. They composed, glued, sanded, tested and produced Tracks... many full moons long.. 2010 the recording named TOXIC UNIVERSE, was released on Kayowa rec.... 2011: 1st T.U. EP: „Deep Down ´n´ Dirty“ on Prog On Syndicate Rec. TOXIC UNIVERSE became a solo act. 2012 the first spectacular album, Black Sheep, was released on the label prog on syndicate rec.SOUND!!!! Great music! ‘Physiologic’’ is straight forward, d(tr)ance music.. Just our taste. It hit you through your body, and kicks your ass from beginning to end. 3/4-D-Music The Tracks move in smooth tempo. The package sounds and feels comfortable. The accents are in the right places and match perfectly with the moving patterns. “IT” spins itself to a swing on which one can ride, wonderfully,through the night. We stomp in rhythm on the floor.. this is our perfect concept TrackList : Live 2015: Ausgang 01. ANY-Deep Down and Dirty (prog on syndicate rec) 02. Fanjulina -Unrealesed (Free download track) 03. Toybox of feelings - Toybox of feelings E.P (Savva rec) 04. Bizarre beat - Pirates of Progness Album (Savva rec) 05. Prog-Ness (Midijum Rec) 06. Querox - You never did (Toxic Universe Remix) 07. Reptile - Black Sheep Album (Prog on syndicte rec) 08. Memories - Black Sheep Album (Prog on syndicte rec) 09. Ocean - Black Sheep Album (Prog on syndicte rec) 10.Shaking Hands with the Devil - Black Sheep Album (Prog on syndicte rec) 11.LSD BRAINTICKET - ohrmuschis E.P (Savva rec ) More available on :