Trebuchets On The Moon

Part of the Pacemakers compilation Free download at Release date: 12 March 2015 Release number: BWR/09 The idea of the heart metaphorically or symbolically is used to express emotion, affection, love and strength. It is also used as an expression of weakness when it becomes wounded and broken. Negative emotions create nervous system chaos while positive emotions create the opposite. This concept was created to inspire 15 hand-picked Pacemakers from around the globe to create and share their personal artistic interpretation of this phenomenon. Pacemakers (BWR/09) is the 2nd guest compilation release by BWR. Big Wave Records would like to give a special thanks to each and every artist involved for turning this idea into reality and in the manifestation of this album. Free Download at Archives: Featuring music by Sinking Feeling, Rotten Tropics, Aphexia, Tethys, Combo Reseller / コンボリセラー, Project Hybrid, The Shimmer Effect, Mr Sunshine, Somatic Waves, Rob Neubauer, Palagran, Scanner Darkly, Mr Kapow, Endlicht Fruehling, Alchesound.

IDM, Space, Spacepunk, Retrofuturism, Electronic, Ambient by Palagran