Darksides featuring Niky Putra and Ricky Fadhli #CHANGES

Adristia presents Darksides from the album Changes Acoustic version coming soon! Follow our Instagram @nadhifadristian @nikyrputra & @rickyfadhli_ (Twitter) LYRICS: Climbing those trees is not that hard Sometimes we fall from such a height but we may get stuck between those branches Same thing with memories we made Remembering is easy but can hurt instead Afraid to get lost inside that ashes I come up with different perceptions I find out that my ego is the reason I'm against my darksides You and I there's a wall in between us I won't give up for the sake of our love and I'm against my darksides Hey! It's me again Came a long way through the fast lane Yea I've passed this crazy rain But this traffic got me so insane! Anyway they say no pain no gain My whole hard work won't be in vain You know though I've been not the same Coz I have reached my life's hall of fame His ego is as big as a dinosaur He eats her heart like a carnivore And he didn't even know what she was looking for And what she want is not about the sale in store Time to sum it up, I'm the master You won't be united like oil and water Unless you give her that Changes It will bring you out of this danger Produced by: Nadhif Adristia Written by: Nadhif Adristia & Ricky Fadhli Special thanks to: Niky Putra and Ricky Fadhli as vocalists Chris Graham (www.chrisgrahammastering.com) for participating in this track and Darksides Team & Promoters All rights reserved

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