Gera Taraman - Green Shadows (Andrés Marcos Remix)

Gera Taraman has a secret. As far as he’s concerned, digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal. In fact, his new EP is set to prove that electronic and organic can be one and the same. There’s something about the way that this release grows from track to track that feels inherently natural despite its cyber-tendencies and the breakdown of its beats. Although “More Piccolos” is all static, squeak, and glitch, warm low-ends and meandering melodies uphold Taraman’s affable naturalism, one that follows through to “Sculpting through Kyiv.” Despite its space-age samplings and micro minimal beats, “Sculpting through Kyiv” dissolves into pretty atmospheres and harpsichord-like musings that keep it more raw than cold. But the real case in point is the stand-out “Green Shadows” and its remixes from Andrés Marcos, and Klangscheiben labelboss Demas: the original’s unstructured narrative, glitchy minimal and jazzy instrumentation are the embodiment of organic, taken to new heights under Marcos and Demas' hands.

Minimal, House, Techno, Demas, "Gera Taraman", "Andres Marcos" by Klangscheiben