Groove For J.T.

Greeting all. So happy to share my new EP for you, "A Few Of My Friends Vol 1". Groove for J. T. is a tribute to my composition mentor, John Tchicai. John is a Danish/Congolese saxophonist who was part of the late 60's avante-garde/third stream music. His recordings with John Coltrane ( "Ascension" ) and players like Archie Shepp ( "Four for Trane" )and his numerous works with Don Cherry cemented his place in jazz history. His ideas went on to influence a whole new generation of jazz and rock inspired musicians, including Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. John settled down in Davis during the 90's where he formed several performing groups with the locals. I was fortunate enough to get to play with the Sound And Poetry Source with John and some of my colleagues, and to study with him privately for 2 years. John had an amazing ability to put you in touch with your own music, and how to expound upon it using minimalist techniques. Groove for J.T. is based on a composition I wrote for the sound and poetry source. You can hear the theme during the breakdown.

Glitch, Jazz, Funk, Bass, John, Tchicai, Electronic, Goofy, Dada, "Street Ritual" by Big Joe Daddy