Just Kidding-v12 (please read desc.! name change, etc.)

OK, so here's version 12 of JK. I rerecorded all of the guitar parts basically, and so I think it sounds much better (though I'm not completely content with certain parts, but then again, I'm the producer! :P). Also, I mixed it. Believe it or not, this is the first song where I actually went through a mixing process, so it may not be very good, IDK. Please tell me what you think! Second, I'm changing my name. The reason is, well, iL1 was just a filler name until I came up with a better one. Finally, I just decided to use my first name: Talia. To some of you, that may come as a surprise to learn that I am actually a girl, but yes, I am... :P Thanks again!

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