Kobana - Water Surface (Kaban Quantum Remix - Radio Edit) [Yin Edition]

Yin and Yang (n.) - the concept of duality forming a whole. A fundamental premise in Chinese philosophy now transposed to the electronic dance industry through the creation of Proton "Editions". Through encyclopaedic knowledge of the 750+ strong Proton roster of labels Tripp Baronner has envisioned a new concept of the principle of seemingly polar opposites, coming together as interconnected and independent universal forces - life and death, the dark and the light: one complete entity. From a passion for underground progressive house at opposite ends of the audio spectrum - the deep, shadowy atmospheres to the blissful, shimmering melodies, "Yin" and "Yang" were born in an effort to represent this phenomenon in musical form. Each release will provide a single remix of an existing Proton roster track for two inextricably linked labels in the form of a light (Yang) and dark (Yin) edition. Released on the same day, a strong contrast in styles will thus serve to complement each other and nourish the whole. Yin and Yang - musical harmony through glorious discord. Directed/A&R by Tripp Baronner Design by Ben Mautner Text by James Warren

Edition, Kobana, Kaban, Yin, "Proton Music", "The Riddle", "Radio Edit" by Yin :: Yang