Moonlight Swagata (DJ Cool and Piedaddy Remix)

Welcome back to another worldwide premiere of DJ Cool and Piedaddy as we take you way back into the age of classical music. But what's so unique about Beethoven? Well, little did Beethoven know that rap and EDM were about to become his next big debut. So sit back, relax, and lets run the trap. Yours truly, DJ Cool and Piedaddy

Electronic, Classical, rap, B.O.B., Drake, Over, Airplanes, Dubstep, Trap, Moonlight, Sonata, Beethoven, JackU, Traspstone, Gambinoland, House, Progressive, Future, Audacity, Mashup, Mix, Throwback, Piano, Tech, NickiMinaj, Lilwayne, 420, Drop, Bass by ACdaMan