Oakley Filtrex II test

This is a test of the Oakley Filtrex II standalone effect processor that I build from the circuit board that Oakley Sound System in England is offering. I first recorded a string machine (Waldorf Streichfett for you geeks), and then played it back three times through the Filtrex tweaking the knobs on the Filtrex for each pass: the first pass is just the cutoff, resonance, fizz and smooth controls; the second pass is controlled by the LFO in various modes; the third pass is controlled by the envelope follower and the various envelope modes. Everything from silky smooth sounds to harsh sounds can be achieved, and of course everything in between. It is possible to "dial in" all kinds of sound, of which you only get a glimpse as a tweak all the knobs in this demo. I left all the dynamics in, so you can hear what the machine can do. Some reverb added to the mix. I include the original file for reference. http://oakleysound.co.uk/ http://wintherproduksjoner.no/

by terjewinther