Pete Beat - I'll Be a King Again

A song I wrote a few years back, and rerecorded over the weekend, maybe one for a new EP. Lyrics: 1. My life is on the floor My love walked out the door And I could not compare How I feel now Ch. To when we were in love, it was good, I felt like a king Now every day brings misery, and misery again I’ll break the chain of falling in and out of love We’ve fallen out of love again 2. And love seems temporary So now it makes me wary Cos I could not condone Getting back here Ch. Cos when we were in love… M8. As painful as this thing has been If I could find my queen Well I would be a king again And I would break this chain Of falling in and out of love Falling in and out of love Falling in and out of love again 1. Ch.

Electropop, Synthpop by Pete Beat