Psy Fi - Evacuate [Virtus in Sonus III]

Now in the third incarnation, The Virtus In Sonus compilation returns with its most prominent lineup yet. While varied by design, the album carries a certain shared resonance, as each song bridges to the next with no speed bumps in sight. One principle on which Gravitas was founded is good music is more important than any specific genre, and this compilation reinforces that idea in splendid manner. Downtempo, glitch hop, and trap influences merge and diverge throughout the twenty unreleased tracks, which features not only previous Gravitas artists but new blood as well. Expect offerings from D.V.S*, AMB, Soulular, Perkulat0r, and many more on this pay-what-you-want gift from Gravitas Music. France's ever talented CloZee submits the fluidic opening, "On The Riverbank", with heavy focus on her luscious guitar work. Newcomers Space Jesus & Esseks bring the infectious "Ever Win" to the table in front of their upcoming Gravitas album, due shortly. Wonky hip hop vibes continue on Of The Trees' "Bad Acid", a well titled tribute to Roland 303's iconic "acid" sound. The OriGinALz help pick up the pace with "1Up", a rolling number reminiscent of west coast g-funk. "Deep Trench", the moody IDM prologue from Aligning Minds, gives a sense of finalization, wrapping the series up on an introspective note.

glitch, music, gravitas, bass, dubstep, edm, electronic, "trip ", "trip hop", "glitch hop", "psy fi", "virtus in sonus" by Gravitas Music