Reality (Original Mix) - YellOut

Well I sit here typing this with a busted up wrist, a monster energy to my right just above my mouse, with a smile on my face. I has taken me 2 months to get this song done from start to finish. It has been hard going threw two audio interfaces, and one blown out speaker/monitor. It set this song back, and A lot of my other unreleased works that I hope to have out sometime soon. But threw it all I finally got this song done. And even though I loved making it, I am happy it is over. I love making music and dealing with its struggles. It takes a lot of time to get my work as good as I possibly can make it, but it is worth it. You can only listen to the same sounds over and over again until it drives you crazy, and starts to discourage you. I have made other songs since starting this one and finished them which does add to why this one took such a long time. But this one is special to me in the fact if has some of the more older sounds that I had made back when I had first decided to start making music in it. Which was the deciding factor in why this is going to be my first single, and not one of my other songs. But either way, ( sorry for the ranting ) I do hope you enjoy!!! I hope you have as much fun listening to my first single as I had making it. It was a blast. I am new to making Electronic Music I have only been doing it for about 2 years and just as of VERY recently started to release some of my works. Im hoping to put out an EP sometime this summer 2015. I hope that you, do like it. Let me know on my soundcloud/facebook/youtube if you do. Your thoughts mean a lot, criticism, compliments, whatever. Just let me know. I will listen. Thank You so much for listening it means the world to me. -YellOut 4/1/2015 @yellout

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