Somwhere Else

With a background in Jazz and improvisational music, Copenhagen-based guitarist Tao Hojgaard creates soundscapes and subtle electronic music in real time. Equipped with a guitar, a sampler and a wide array of effects pedals Tao sculpts beautiful and subtly complex music with a strong sense of melody and a clear reference to his Scandinavian roots. A man, a guitar and loads of electronic devices which, each in their own manner, modulate and tweak the jazzy universe of the guitar and thereby create a new ”sound” – a sound possibly best defined as dreamy, lyrical fabulating film music – an urban expression, sometimes pulsating, and with the ability to create images within the listener. The visual inferno of cables, electronic machinery, flashing leds and countless knobs is in contrast to the classic look of the jazz guitar. Soundscapes, all initiated by the guitar, are created on the spot, in real time and deftly tweaked with the electronic devices. No pre-programming or post production. An expansion of the guitar - the instrument and a showcase that “knobs tweaking” can be a very expressional instrument in its own right. Tao cites influences including jazz guitar pioneer Jim Hall, electronic musician/composer Scott Morgan, the father of Bebop Charlie Parker, as well as a wealth of film music composers. Visit the official website of Tao Højgaard

Soundscape, Electronic, Jazz by Tao Hojgaard